Wonder #6

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Through all the fights that started as a complain
Through all the backstabs that cause nothing but pain
There is one thing that's worth it all
Worth all the struggles, the tumbles and falls
One thing that will never perish
It's something that I dearly cherish
This one thing that will always be true
This one thing is my love for you

Fact – Indoor nudity is prohibited in Mexico

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So the house is empty and you're all alone…Perhaps you just took a bath and left your clothes in the room. Maybe you don't want to wrap yourself in a towel this one time…So why not stay like you came into this world for a few more minutes?

Seriously guys, who here didn't ever walk around naked in your home at least once?

Well, if you're from Villahermosa, Mexico, you are one bad boy/girl, because you are committing a crime!

Yeah…Apparently this city here reached to the conclusion that if you're going to creep onto someone's property and peep in their windows, you definitely don't want to find them nude in their own homes!

Talk about TOO conservative...
Wonder about that!

Wonder #5

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Frozen tears of hollow ice
A writhing shell of pointless life
Within this tomb I’ll sit and wait
Amid mixed feelings of love and hate
For your love it costs too much
And money, I fear, I have no such
The highest bidder takes your heart
So, from you, I fall apart
Now I sit, trapped in hell.home
To remain, I short, torn and alone

Wonder #4

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Through my eyes no one knows
What I see, what comes and goes
You cast your world before my eyes
Filled with hate and dirty lies
You’ve made a path that I must follow
Full of pain and so much sorrow
Why must I pay for your mistakes?
You’ve thrown me out and locked the gates

Fact - Moths are not attracted to light

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Indeed! As it seems, moths are not attracted to light, but instead, disorientated by them!

This is because they use natural light sources to determine what direction they should be facing and how to fly in a straight line, and when we come along with the artificial ones, it confuse them!

So there they are minding their own business, when BAM, artificial light comes up. "Oh this must be the right way!" - they think. And they rectify their direction, but "Oh no!" - the light source being so close, the only way to do this is to fly around in circles!

Oh, and by the way, moths don't eat cloths, their caterpillars do.

Wonder about that!

Why women go to bathrooms in groups?

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You may think there is a kind of secret or ritual, when it's really very simple!
When we watch TV, we all wait for commercial breaks to go to the bathroom, so we won't miss anything. But when you're out, or doing whatever, there aren't any designated "commercial breaks".

Ladies are traditionally known for being more relational than men, so they sometimes look for unimportant breaks where they can cut out and pee. If one lady decides to go, another might realize "Oh yeah, this probably is a good break." By the time you get to lady number 3 or 4, she's not only thinking that, but, also that with a bunch of ladies gone, there might be a lull in conversation, or at least lady-appropiate conversations, ans this is as close to an official break as you're going to get.

When it comes to double dates or so, they might see it as a good time to catch up with each other and how they think their dates are going. Maybe say what they think of each other's dates. Just like men enjoy the play-by-play in sports, ladies enjoy a play-by-play on dates, but it's very rude to do it right in front of the guy.

It might also be just sympathetic companionship, because some bathrooms are filthy and all broken, and another person there could be very convenient for purse holding or helping shutting the door and other stuff like that.

So, basically, there could be many reasons for that; it's not a ritual or a secret plan!

Wonder about that!

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