Fact - Silly string is prohibited in Los Angeles

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In a faraway land, there is a scourge that few people dare mention out loud. It is not only nefarious, but..Well, there's no other way to say this, remarkably retarded! It is....Silly string!

For years and years, citizens faced each Halloween on Hollywood Boulevard like Anne Frank, hiding away and hoping for the madness to stop.

Finally, someone stood up to the terror of silly string and put an end to it, banning it under the penalty of a $1,000 fine.

That...Hmm..Hero was city councilor Tom LaBonge. And yes, as you can see, the ban is for just one night out of the year, the Halloween.

This resulted from complaints that random silly string sprayings originated fistfights during the usual Halloween street gatherings. Apparently, there were reports of people throwing the cans at each other.

What this tells me is that instead of a ban, maybe they should have simply offered classes on how to properly use silly string!

Wonder about that!

Wonder #11

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My heart's beating slowly, pounding in my chest
Each beat's getting faster, it seems to be distressed
The beating's getting loud, it's ringing in my ears
The pain's getting stronger, reducing me to tears
My heart's aching from the loneliness, bearing rips that criss-cross
Every tear represents a time where I've felt loss 
It seems I'm going nowhere, just falling deeper in
I want to escape but how do I begin?

Wonder #10

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While pondering in my woe
I often wonder if I'll ever know
The point of my existence
And the worth of my resistance
What is out there for me?
What I am destined to be?
Is it really too late to see?
I think what I want is to be free
But free from what? Free from whom?
Could it possibly be from you?
There's much more to go
And I fear I'll never know

Why do women take so long to get ready?

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So here's a post some men will be interested to read. How could it possible take so long for women to get ready? I mean, it's just a dress and a pair of shoes, right? WRONG!
Yeah… You would think that it would be easy and simple... But you're wrong. There's a whole lot of things that can cause this and, as a woman, I'm going to let you in on this “secret”.

Firstly, you have to realize that not all of them take so long to get ready, and the amount of time spent to get ready depends on two variables – the kind of event she's going to attend and the degree of her vanity. So, obviously, the more important / special / fancy the event is, and the vainer she is, the longer it will take.

Then, probably the simplest answer is that she's trying on clothes. As you may be aware, women usually like to wear new outfits to special events. And, understandable, as most women aren't wasteful enough to buy a new dress every time, she's probably going to want to combine the dress with a different pair of shoes, or a different shawl. Thusly, she's got an awesome new outfit combo planned!

And here comes the trouble. As simpler as this could be, the downside of a new and exciting outfit is that it's an untested outfit! And this means that, even though that skirt theoretically should have gone with that shirt and shoes for a smart and modern look, once you try them on, apparently you look like a school girl and, however some could find it hot and sexy, it's a bizarre look for that event.

So then you panic and swear and start grabbing other pieces that you think will fix this and then it's the shoes that are wrong for that other skirt, and then you have to change the bra because the one you have it's not right for that other shirt you chose, and then it's the tights that are wrong for that new outfit… It's very exhausting and time consuming!

Obviously, the logical solution is to test the outfit ahead of time, which some women do…sometimes. However, women, like all human beings, procrastinate, so this happens about as often as anyone actually studying for a test early or doing their thesis on time.

And this is all before makeup and hair! You don't even want to get me started on this. Mainly because I don't know much about it, but from my experience, either you go simple and easy, or you want to try something new and elaborate and it takes time…Oh so much time. Specially the hair… Definitely the hair.

Wonder about that!

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