Fact - The color of a pill matters

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If I'm going to talk about pills, you know what kind of reference I'm going to pull right?

So, Neo had to choose between the blue pill that would have put him back to sleep in the boring world of cubicles, and the red pill that would wake him up to the industrial womb factory world.
If you missed that, red pill wakes you up, blue pill makes you sleep!

Now, what colors are the sleeping pills? Yep, be it the package or the pill itself, all you see there is blue! And that's no coincidence; researchers have found that the color of a pill makes a difference in how it works.

In a study, patients were given the exact same sedative, but some received it in a blue pill and others in an orange one. The blue pill takers reported falling asleep 30 minutes faster and sleeping 30 minutes longer than the orange pill takers.

It's another weird manifestation of the placebo effect. How you perceive effectiveness, affects effectiveness.

In a different experiment, subjects were told they were going to get a sedative or a stimulant, when in fact they were getting placebos. Yet 66% of the subjects who took the blue pills reported feeling less alert compared to 26% of those who took pink pills.

And in another study, researchers put fake medicine packages in front of subjects, who picked certain color of boxes over others. It seems warm colors like brown and red were perceived as more potent; green and yellow on the other hand, might as well have been mentos as far as they were concerned.

So, this is why heart medicine are often red or brown, while skin medicines are yellow, sleeping pills blue or green, and painkillers are often white.

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Fact - Fishbowls are banned in Italy

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Yep, you read that right.

Apparently, in Monza, Italy, the issues of modern society escalated a bit. Forget the poverty and starvation, the unemployment and politics, the environment, crime spree, STD's, etc.
In this town, they don't have time to worry about unimportant stuff like that; they're too busy dealing with serious and intense problems like what happens to a fish if you keep it in a fishbowl.

So, do you know what happens to a fish if you keep it in a fishbowl? Do you?!

See? The people in Monza are the one who have this thing all figured out!
It seems that if you keep a fish in a fishbowl, the poor animal will see the world all messed up, that's what!

According to the town council, a fishbowl provides "a distorted view of reality"; and they're not having any of that crap there!

So, yeah, the council has banned the bowls in favor of square aquariums which represent an accurate and heart-warming fashion of the reality of the fish.

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Wonder #15

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In a room of pain and hurt
I lie in a blanket of sweat and dirt
With truth around
And fear abound
My heart against my chest
My soul giving up on rest
Pinned against the wall
The exit seeming to crawl
So far, far away
Further from the small light ray
I reach into the air
To find that only emptiness is standing there
Just save me from the dark
Save me from my heart

Wonder #14

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Upon my arrival you will see
That this was but a memory
And you will think and wonder why
You didn't ask, you didn't try
But don't forget, I'll love you still
Even though I've had my fill
Of things I couldn't comprehend
But even so you're my best friend
I only hope that you'll decide
That you need me right by your side
So please don't think it's over yet
And please do not try to forget
Our past will aide us in survival
And you'll learn this upon my arrival

Fact - Today is April Fool's Day!

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The origins of April Fool's Day are a mystery.

The most popular theory is that France changed its calendar in the 1500s so that the New Year would begin in January to match the Roman calendar instead of beginning at the start of spring, early April. However word of the change traveled slowly and some people continued to celebrate the New Year in that date. These dwellers became known as "April fools".

Some disagree with this interpretation believing that April Fool's Day simply grew out of age-old European spring festivals of renewal, in which pranks and camouflaging one's identity are common.

There's also some that believed that the idea came from Roman jesters during the time of Constantine I in the third and fourth centuries A.D. As the story goes, jesters successfully petitioned the ruler to allow one of their elected members to be king for a day. So, on April first, Constantine handed over the reins of the Roman Empire for one day to King Kugel, his jester. Kugel decreed that the day forever would be a day of absurdity.

Nowadays, the April Fool's Day goes beyond just switching out the sugar with salt. Here is a list of the top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes!

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