Wonder #17

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If I could have just one moment in time
And in that moment the stars will shine
If I could clasp onto your hand
And in that moment you truly understand
That this is the moment where I wish to stay
In this moment far away
And in this moment you will smile
And remind me why life is worth while
And I will hold that moment for the rest of time
Just when for knowing that moment is mine

Fact - A mushroom is the largest living organism

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No, not a blue whale or an elephant.
A mushroom. A giant ass mushroom.

The armillaria ostoyae, or the honey fungus, it's a common mushroom and you probably even have one in your garden!

'But if it's a giant ass mushroom, I'm sure I don't have one! I don't even have enough space for a small koy pond, let alone a giant ass anything!' - You may say.

Listen, I'm not using that adjective lightly! The largest ever recorded specimen, in Malheur National forest, in Oregon, covers 890 hectares (2,200 acres), and is between 2,000 and 8,000 years old!

This enormous fungus was originally thought to grow in different clusters around the forest, but researchers have confirmed it's in fact one very, very large single organism!

The majority of this organism is under ground of course, in the form of a massive mat of mycelia, its roots.

But anyway, for me, this honey fungus thing can grow wherever it wants, the only mushrooms I'm concern about are those right here!

Wonder about that!

Wonder #16

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You, whom until now I have not forgotten
Have turn your back on me, just stop the taunt
So I suppose you wanted more
Just with someone else without this core
Could you see the way you treated me was grotesque?
Causing these pathetic little poems to lay on my desk
But you're not going to see no tear falling from these eyes
As I stop trying to answer all the whys
Thus this apathy will take over me
Weighting me down with all your gravity
Until the point where something will stir deep down within
And I won't be able to say if it's the weather or just the mood I'm in

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