Fact - Words that don't mean what you think they mean

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What you think it means? Regardless
What it really means? Not a damned thing

What you think it means? To skim over or browse something
What it really means? To read with thoroughness or care

What you think it means? Any kind of amusing coincidence
What it really means? An outcome that is the opposite of what you'd expect

What you think it means? Spotless or as good as new
What it really means? Ancient, primeval, in a state virtually unchanged from the original

What you think it means? Unperturbed, not worried
What it really means? Utterly perplexed or confused

What you think it means? Mildly amused
What it really means? Bewildered or confused

What you think it means? Enormous
What it really means? Outrageous or heinous on a grand scale

What you think it means? A lot of something
What it really means? Too much of something, an over-abundance

Wonder about that!

Wonder #3

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I wear the mask that grins and lies
It hides my cheeks and shades my eyes
With torn and bleeding heart I smile
This debt I pay to human guile
Why should the world be over wise
In counting all my tears and sighs?
To thy from tortured souls arise
I sing but the clay is vile
Beneath my feet and a long mile
But let the world dream otherwise

Wonder #2

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There's no phrase to explain
The stupid, icy, scarlet pain
There's not a door I haven't tried
Nor a tear I haven't cried
There's not a path I've yet to take
Nor a heart inside to break
"I'm just worn out" I try to say
But that won't take this hurt away
I need to get out but I don't know how
I need to step back and work myself out
I'm trying to run away but I'm always seen
And I'm living this lie over one broken dream
I won't find the key to fit this lock
And I won't find the answer to make it stop
So I'll just lay waiting for the fire to burn out
And I'll forget the love I'm living without
I'll forget how it feels to crack that smile
As I stop pretending to you all the while
I'll start to numb these emotions so raw
It's not even a fate that I fear anymore

Asch and the conformity experiment (1953)

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Solomon Asch wanted to run a series of studies that would document the power of conformity, for the purpose of depressing everyone who would ever read the results.

So the experiment consisted in telling the subjects that they would be taking part in a vision test, along with a handful of people. The participants were then shown pictures, and individually asked to answer very simple and obvious questions.

The catch was that everybody else in the room other than the subject was in on it, and they were told to give obviously wrong answers.

So would the subject go against the crowd, even when the crowd was clearly and retardedly wrong?

All they had to do was say which line on the right matched the one on the left.

As you can see, Asch wasn't exactly asking these people to design the next space station. Really, the only way you could get the answer honestly wrong is if you took two doses of LSD that morning and rubbed them directly on your eyeballs.

Yet, sadly, 32% of subjects would answer incorrectly if they saw that three others in the classroom gave the same wrong answer. Even when the line was plainly off by a few inches, it didn't matter. One in three would follow the group right off the proverbial cliff.
Now imagine how much that 32% figure inflates when the answers are less black and white. We all tend to laugh with the group even when we didn't get the joke, or doubt our opinion we realize ours is unpopular among our group.

So much for those lectures you got about peer pressure and 'being brave enough to be yourself.'

Wonder about that!

Fact - The sky in acient Greece was not blue

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The sky wasn't blue?! So what, then?
Well, as a matter of fact, the sky in acient Greece was bronze! How? Because there was no word for blue in the acient Greek language.

The nearest words to blue were glaukos and kyanos which are expressions of relative light intensity. So when the Greek referred to the sky as bronze, they meant that it was dazzlingly bright.

"Oh but I need more proof!" - Well, ok, go read the 'Iliad' by Homer, where he keeps mentioning the sky as being bronze or red!

Wonder about that!

Wonder #1

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These hopes are filled with spite
Desired killed and raped light
It seems these things are so scary
Are way too much for a heart to carry
So every night I sit and wonder
What's left for me to ponder
You've just ripped through my soul
Leaving nothing behind but a huge gaping hole
So these deep thoughts are all I've left
Knowing that I've been living a theft.

Fact - The only food that doesn't rot is honey

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Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Proof? Archaeologists found honey in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, as they paid their taxes in honey, and found it edible.

Also, the center of golf balls and antifreeze mixtures contains honey.

Although, honey cannot be stored at extremely hot temperatures without causing fermatation.

Wonder about that!

Fact – Some penguins are prostitutes

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So it appears that some penguins are prostitutes. How? Trading sex for stones, that's how! Then they use the stones to build their nests.

"But penguins are known for being monogamous!" – You might say. Yes, yes they are! But apparently, in some species, the ladies are sluts.

Trading sex is so mainstream, even animals are doing it! Maybe someday we’ll hear about the penguin pimp too…

Wonder about that!

You, sir, are an idiot

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Wrong title to start this blog? Well, please, indulge me.
You are constantly being bombarded with information, as a student, you spent your entire day moving from one room to another and getting pelted with facts about everything. That's what you do your whole life, you sit there while someone tells you about History, and when that's done someone tells you about Biology, and then you move on and someone teaches you Math, and whatever more they can. To a twenty-something, you cover what seems like an impossible spectrum of information, every single day. So, surely, you must know something!

So here's what's going to happen. At one point, you will honestly believe that you have every single thing figured out. You'll reach an epiphany where you'll understand yourself, you'll know what you want to do with your life, you'll know what kind of partner you're looking for and so on. And exactly two years later, you'll say something along the lines of "I was an idiot two years ago! How could I've thought that? Now I've really got it figured out." And then, two years later, you'll do the exact same thing! In fact, you will repeat this process every two years.

Life pretty much seems about looking back on your past self and realizing how stupid you were, until you'll reach the point where you'll say that you are an idiot right now.

So this is what the world is made of, a bunch of idiots doing a series of things until the world explodes and we all die.

Wonder about that!

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