wondered by Joana Galhardo Tags ,

There's no phrase to explain
The stupid, icy, scarlet pain
There's not a door I haven't tried
Nor a tear I haven't cried
There's not a path I've yet to take
Nor a heart inside to break
"I'm just worn out" I try to say
But that won't take this hurt away
I need to get out but I don't know how
I need to step back and work myself out
I'm trying to run away but I'm always seen
And I'm living this lie over one broken dream
I won't find the key to fit this lock
And I won't find the answer to make it stop
So I'll just lay waiting for the fire to burn out
And I'll forget the love I'm living without
I'll forget how it feels to crack that smile
As I stop pretending to you all the while
I'll start to numb these emotions so raw
It's not even a fate that I fear anymore