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In a faraway land, there is a scourge that few people dare mention out loud. It is not only nefarious, but..Well, there's no other way to say this, remarkably retarded! It is....Silly string!

For years and years, citizens faced each Halloween on Hollywood Boulevard like Anne Frank, hiding away and hoping for the madness to stop.

Finally, someone stood up to the terror of silly string and put an end to it, banning it under the penalty of a $1,000 fine.

That...Hmm..Hero was city councilor Tom LaBonge. And yes, as you can see, the ban is for just one night out of the year, the Halloween.

This resulted from complaints that random silly string sprayings originated fistfights during the usual Halloween street gatherings. Apparently, there were reports of people throwing the cans at each other.

What this tells me is that instead of a ban, maybe they should have simply offered classes on how to properly use silly string!

Wonder about that!