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So you had an argument with your better half / parents / friends? You've been having a financial stress? Dealing with health issues? Problems at work?
Oh, and did I mention you just woke up to that annoying disco song?


What more could go wrong, right?
Well, everything else could go wrong as a matter of fact, but that's not why I'm addressing to you today.

At this moment, as you struggle through your day, there's a whole world of people out there who have no idea that you exist. They don't know your name, your problems, your fears, your goals, your hopes and dreams. And you know what? They don't care either. To them, you're just a human body. Another robot.

A pile up of problems, however, has a tendency to make you stand out by turning you into a bitch / douchebag. That's right, I said it. Bitches and douchebags.

We have the power to make someone else feel like a huge piece of...poop. And that's not right. You have to realize that everybody isn't that annoying; you're just in a bad mood and you have to stop yourself before unleashing your rage and say things that you might later regret.

I know, sometimes the dam breaks, and you find yourself yelling, being mean and clearly taking the issue out of proportion. And, at this point there's only one thing to do here, really. Come clean, apologize and explain your situation. Maybe they'll understand and tell you that it's okay.

But it's not.
And it's important that you remember this. People don't owe you a thing. They don't have to put up with you while you put your shit together.
...Unless you're Fluffy, the destroyer of worlds, then you're cool.

For your own sake, you cannot let yourself get used to people adjusting their actions because of your irritability. If everybody did that, you would come to expect it, and that's how egomaniacs are born.

This goes for every struggle in your life. Remember when I said everything else could go wrong? Yeah, it's true. And when you survive that, another thing will be behind it.

Wonder about that.