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Yep, you read that right.

Apparently, in Monza, Italy, the issues of modern society escalated a bit. Forget the poverty and starvation, the unemployment and politics, the environment, crime spree, STD's, etc.
In this town, they don't have time to worry about unimportant stuff like that; they're too busy dealing with serious and intense problems like what happens to a fish if you keep it in a fishbowl.

So, do you know what happens to a fish if you keep it in a fishbowl? Do you?!

See? The people in Monza are the one who have this thing all figured out!
It seems that if you keep a fish in a fishbowl, the poor animal will see the world all messed up, that's what!

According to the town council, a fishbowl provides "a distorted view of reality"; and they're not having any of that crap there!

So, yeah, the council has banned the bowls in favor of square aquariums which represent an accurate and heart-warming fashion of the reality of the fish.

Wonder about that!