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Have you ever got that feeling that life's a bitch? ...Only to realize that it's not the life that's a bitch, but the people in it?

Here's a newsflash, people aren't always very nice to each other. From insecurities, to anxieties over whatever, some can be total bitches.

The problem is that a lot of the bitchy behavior you see is misplaced emotion.
They're hyper-emotional, over-competitive, they take constructive criticism personally and hold personal grudges when they feel they've been challenged or criticized.

Some are afraid of confrontation and because of this they harbor resentment. They live with that resentment and they take it with them to everywhere. So they're bitches simply because it makes them feel better about themselves.

And why is that? Well, they're not happy. They're not confident. They do not have a strong sense of themselves. They need to put somebody down to feel better about who they are in life.
They should build some self-confidence and channel all that jealousy in more productive ways than being bitchy to those they feel threatened by.

"But why are you assuming that? Maybe those people have a plausible reason to act like that! Maybe it's you who are wrong and need to do something about that!" – You may say. 
Oh yes, dear imaginary person in my head, yes, you're quite right! What I need to do is very simple. I need to accept that that person is irrefutable a bitch. I need to let that person win every argument discussed. I need to do everything that person wants me to do, and say what that person wants to hear, to, in the end, make that person happy, and therefore, eliminating any possible excuse to be bitchy about.

The problem with this is that this is not something that changes, stops at adulthood, or whatever. Oh no. Don't jest yourself believing that this it's just a phase or that this was the last time.
It's never-ending! Once a bitch, always a bitch! They may deceive you, be nice for while, gain your trust. And then BAM, the bitch is back.

So unless you want to lose all sense of yourself, and become a robot that do as others please. You need to stop caring and stop mingling with those people. Those are not your friends. Those are bitches!

And that’s where I am right now, too exhausted to even try. I chose not to go along with those bitches’s crap.
Wonder about that! - Or don't, I don't care.