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So we all have seen in some movie the slow clap. It has the power to sway the opinion of an entire crowd.

Yep, somehow, that one dude who starts clapping is capable of convincing everyone else that what has been said is incredible awesome. So that single sound gradually swells into a massive applause.

Yeah I know, as a concept, the slow clap seems absurd. I mean, how could an entire crowd be convinced that they like something just by hearing one person clap? How?! – You may ask – HOW?!!

Well, apparently, even the most opinionated and judgmental people in the world are susceptible to the power of group mentality (as said in a previous post).

Gustave Le Bon suggested that when people come together in crowds, they start to identify with the group at large instead of as an individual. The opinions of the crowd become the opinions of each person like a mass hypnosis.

So, every change in the crowd has a ripple effect on the collective conscious and can determine the thoughts and opinions of the rest of the group.

You usually see this effect in riots. The slow clap is basically the same thing…You know, without the acts of violence and all that.

A single person clapping in a crowd can immediately trigger the same response from everyone else because they are subconsciously serving the interest of the group, until finally, everyone is in agreement that they love whatever just happened.

Wonder about that!