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Maybe you think you've got a smart dog, I know I do. And maybe you've given him a tiny hat and a monocle, named him something like Sir Nicholas and taught him how to roll over and stuff like that.

But while you and Sir Nicholas were perfecting those tricks, the stray dogs of Moscow have mastered the city's subway system.

Since dog catching fell behind when the Soviet Union collapse, today there are around 35000 strays in that city. And, over several generations of breeding, those dogs have gotten very smart indeed.

Stray dogs have to rely on their skills to survive, and since only 3% of those strays survive long enough to breed, only the toughest and smartest end up procreating. Yeah Darwin, stop bragging already.

So, many of these streets dogs have taken up residence in the underground metro stations and have learned how to travel via subway train! Yep, you hear me alright!....Well, read me alright! they'll stand and wait for the train, just like the people, then sneak on and get off at their stops! Freaking awesome right? Right?!
Scientist figure they use smell and the recorded names of stations to navigate.

But wait! That's not all they've figured out! Yes, there's more! They have learned how to send out the smallest and cutest among them to beg for food, and the big ones to jump and bark at on a person eating a snack, making them drop it, then pouncing on the dropped food.

So, you know what this means, right?
...They're coming for us.

Wonder about that!