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So, as a woman, I take pride in having a giant ass mirror in my room.
Maybe you guys who have to go to the bathroom to check your hair and don't care how the clothes you're wearing fit won't get this but, trust me, any woman would kill for a mirror like mine. It's practical and useful, for obvious reasons...Well, obvious for the feminine gender of course. Nonetheless I'll sum it up for you males. Clothes, hair, make-up and overall figure.

Anyways, this looking glass it's not only useful for these things. It has one more trick up its sleeve!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
As you all probably have seen in movies, there's a cliche scene where the protagonist has a one-on-one pep talk with himself in the mirror, and usually happens when he's faced with an ethical decision or he needs to boost his confidence.

Yes, in reality, doing this would seem silly, but you have to admit you have done this at least once!
Okay, maybe you didn't talk, maybe you didn't point to the mirror pretending you have a gun, maybe you didn't say "Are you talking to me?"; maybe you just thought to yourself "I can do this!"
...Or maybe you did all of this. No judging here.

Studies have been conducted to determine how confrontation with our own reflections affects our morality. One, conducted on Halloween, gave kids the opportunity to grab candy out of unsupervised bowls. The bowls were exactly the same at separate houses, the only difference was that one bowl had a mirror behind it. As a result, the children were significantly less likely to steal candy when they had to look at their reflections, even though they were wearing costumes! and a similar test was done on adults at a news stand who paid for newspapers on the honor system. The results were nearly identical. We are more likely to act morally while confronted with our own faces.

So, it seems the looking glass is used as a moral compass...And if you know someone with spectrophobia (fear of mirror and one's own reflections), beware!

Wonder about that!